Best stock market courses in Delhi

Best stock market courses in Delhi

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Best stock market courses in Delhi

Best stock market courses in Delhi

Are you looking for Stock Market Courses in Delhi? In this article, we will list out the Top 10  Stock market Institute in Delhi.


The Stock Market is a complex and intimidating place ,but it can be a lucrative field with the Right Knowledge and Skills. Getting a proper understanding of the Stock market has been crucial than ever before.


With Delhi being the business and financial hub of the country , Delhi has become a leading destination for individuals seeking to learn about the stock market.


To help readers make an informed decision, this article will explore the top stock market classes in delhi.


From beginners to experienced investors, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the stock market arena in Delhi.


Top 10 Stock Market Institute in Delhi

  1. MAK Trading School 
  2. National Institute of Financial Market (NIFM)
  3. Institute of Financial Market Courses
  4. DICC Stock Market Institute
  5. Nasir Mirza Institute of Stock Market

  6. ISM-Institute of Stock Market
  7. PTA’s Stock Market Course in Delhi
  8. ISM’s Stock Market Course in Delhi
  10. The Wallstreet School

1.MAK Trading School -Stock Market courses in Delhi


MAK Trading School: Mr. Mahesh Kaamath founded the prestigious MAK Trading School, a center for stock market courses in Delhi.


Mak Trading School is committed to providing traders with the information and abilities necessary to be successful in the stock market, with an emphasis on useful trading techniques and real-world applications.


The institute provides thorough courses that are intended to improve your trading proficiency and assist you in achieving consistent results, regardless of your level of experience.


Learn from Top Industry Experts: Mr. Mahesh Kaamath is a NISM-certified research analyst. He has been teaching and training Students for the past 14 years.Mahesh Kaamath is a Price Action Trader, Founder, and Mentor at MAK Trading School. Ex Instructor at OTA (Online Trading Academy)


Among their Well-known courses are the Core Trading Strategy and the Impetus Momentum Trading Strategy.This course is for people who wish to learn about Trading in the Stock Markets.


       📢Website :


       📢Time Frame : 10 hours Self Paced

       📢Mode : Web Based

       📢Contact US : 7400088842


Enroll for the Free Stock Market Essentials Course

Free Stock trading Course

2.National Institute of Financial Market (NIFM)

Numerous courses on finance and the stock market are available from the National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM). Its is one of the best stock market institute Delhi


Among their well-known courses are advanced-level stock market trading and investment courses.


The main target audience for this course is investors who wish to learn about trading strategies, investments, and the world of financial markets.


This course is open to bankers, traders, investors, retired employees, and CAs.


Market and initial public offering (IPO) types, equity market trading, forex market trading, technical and fundamental analysis, trading strategies, and more are all covered in the course material.



📢Mode: Web-based

📢Time frame: a year

📢Charges: 35,000 Indian rupees

📢Location: New Delhi’s Janakpuri


3.Institute of Financial Market Courses

For both novice and seasoned traders, the Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC) provides certificates and diplomas in stock market courses in Delhi .


The Financial & Stock Market diploma is intended for graduates, working professionals, investors, and students who have passed the 10+2 exam.


The capital market, commodities market, currency market, derivatives market, technical analysis, and options strategy are the main subjects of this course.



📢Mode: Online

📢Duration:6 months

📢Fees: INR 60000

📢Location: Vaishali, Ghaziabad


4. DICC Stock Market courses in Delhi

DICC has three Stock market Institutes in Delhi. In order to help its students, investors, businesspeople, housewives, and financial professionals profit from the stock market, this institute strives to offer the best stock market classes in Delhi



It provides live class instruction as well as an online advanced stock market course that can be taken at your own pace.




📢Mode: Web-based

📢Six weeks or one and a half months

📢Fee range: INR 1,000 to INR 15,000.

📢Location: Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar

5.Nasir Mirza Institute of Stock Market courses in Delhi

Mr. Nasir Mirza is a qualified instructor in the commodities, FX, and stock markets.


The institute offers a course on share market technical analysis that covers basic to sophisticated stock market analysis techniques.


Students receive instruction during actual market hours, enabling them to master and apply all strategies instantly.


Advanced options analysis, Elliot waves, derivative and options analysis, and more are all included in the course material.



📢Mode: Lectures

📢Time frame: three months

📢Charges: Thirty thousand rupees

📢Location: Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

6. ISM-Institute of Stock Market courses in Delhi

Students can help themselves choose their career path with the one-year Master of Science in Trading and Investment degree.


Free limited retakes, class backups, trading internships, employment guarantees, sip investments, travel reimbursement, and other benefits are all included in this course.


After completing the course, students will be able to establish themselves as profitable investors and traders in the stock market.



📢Mode: Web-based

📢Time: One year

📢Charges: 1,25,000 Indian rupees

📢Location: New Delhi’s Moti Nagar

7. PTA’s Stock Market Courses in Delhi

Professional Traders Academy was founded with a profound mission: to provide aspiring individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to launch a successful career in stock market trading.


We noticed a pattern: many traders were entering the market without proper education and then losing money in their first few months, unfairly blaming the stock market for their setbacks.


At Professional Traders Academy a stock market training institute in delhi ,we are committed to ensuring that every student not only thrives in the stock market, but also accumulates wealth and lives a life of financial abundance.



📢Course fees: Rs.25000/-

📢Course Duration: 3 months

📢Location: South Patel Nagar Market, Patel Nagar, Delhi

8. ISM’s Stock Market Course in Delhi

The mission of the Institute of Stock Market (ISM) is to give students a thorough understanding of the financial system, based on a dynamic ecosystem that closely mimics actual trading situations.


We think that the desire to learn new things and the influence of good mentorship can propel people to pursue extremely lucrative business endeavors.


 Although achieving financial success is undoubtedly a noble goal, our main priority is developing excellence in our students.


📢Course Fees: INR 29000.00\-

📢Course Duration: 4 Months

📢Location : First Floor SBI Building, Moti Nagar, New Delhi



Educogni is a well-known stock market training institute in delhi,

specializes in providing thorough technical analysis and stock market courses.


Educogni, which has taught thousands of students, is a shining example for people who want to succeed in the financial markets.


Our painstakingly crafted courses are intended for people who are passionate about going into the stock trading industry.


📢Website :

📢Course Fees: INR 35000.00\-

📢Course Duration: 3 Months

📢Location: B-33, IInd floor, Saidulajab, MB Road, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi- 110030


10. The Wallstreet School India’s Stock Market Courses in Delhi

A critical need gave rise to The Wallstreet School India a stock market training institute in delhi.


which specializes in training in investment banking and equity research.


In an era where financial expertise is paramount, there is frequently a gap in the financial sector’s demand for bright minds as students leave academia.


Our goal is to close this gap by equipping people with the information and abilities required to succeed in the finance industry.


Our training courses are carefully designed to meet these industry requirements.

📢Website :

📢Course Fees: INR 25000.00\-

📢Course Duration: 3-4Months

📢Location: Suite 402, Pearls Business Park, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, stock market investing can be a difficult undertaking, particularly for novices.


Nonetheless, anyone can learn how to navigate the market and make profitable investments with the correct information and direction.


The aforementioned courses provide a thorough and expert method of learning about the stock market.


 Therefore, signing up for one of these Delhi courses could be a smart move if you want to improve your ability to make informed decisions and improve your investment skills.


Never forget that spending money on your education is always a good idea.


MAK Trading School is a Pioneer in training Students for the Stock Market. Get in touch with us on 7400088842 or register for the upcoming Trading Mantra Workshop


Mahesh Kaamath

Mahesh Kaamath

Mahesh Kaamath is a Price Action Trader, Founder and Mentor at MAK Trading School.Ex Instructor at OTA (Online Trading Academy). He is a Skilled Stock Market Trader and mentor for the past 11+ years and successfully trained more than 5000+ students.
He has a qualified degree in Hospitality management, from IHM Mumbai. Also, a Bachelor of Commerce degree from R A Podar College, Matunga. In his initial years he has worked with Oberoi Hotels and successfully ran his own Hospitality venture KAMKO group.

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