Up-Coming Stock Market Workshop


Attention: Beginners, Mid Level Traders, Entrepreneurs, Job Professionals, Self-Employed, Traders & Investors, Students, Freelancers


Master the Skill of Price Action Trading with Supply and Demand Trading

Apply this Strategy in any Market

Up-Coming Stock Market Workshop

19th Nov 2023, Sunday 11.00 AM

3 HRS Intense Stock Market Workshop


3 HRS Intense Stock Market Workshop


Learn the Foundation of Stock Market Trading


Learn the Foundation of Supply and Demand Trading Strategy


Risk Management: How to Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Your Profits


Understanding of how to use Price Action techniques to identify Institutional Buying & Selling Footprints


 Avoid amateur trading mistakes which most people do and aren’t aware of which make them lose a lot of money on the table


 Understanding people’s emotions of fear and greed on Supply and Demand relationships and how to make it favorable for you always




  1. Analyze Candlestick Charts like a Pro


  1. Trade without any Lagging Indicators


  1. 4 Powerful Patterns for High Probability Trading


  1. Pick Market Turning Points for better Entry and Exit


  1. Risk Management Rules for achieving good ROI


  1. Apply this Strategy in any market like Forex, Commodities, Futures&Options, Crypto, Equities


  1. Apply Supply and Demand Strategy in any Time Frame


  1. Build your Online Stock Market Trading Business
mahesh kamath Stock market workshop

                                 Mahesh Kaamath

                                    Founder of MAK Trading School

                                Highly Skilled Stock Market Trader | Investor | Trainer | Stock Future Trading Expert


Mahesh Kaamath is a man who has seen the best rise and the most catastrophic falls in the market. Be it the 2008 Economic Crisis or the COVID-19-induced global market crash, he has been a fighter to witness the victory.


He started his journey in 2008 and it was three years of pure perseverance before he was introduced to Supply Demand Trading which is based on Price Action Strategy.


Using this same strategy he generated amazing results for himself over the years and has been privileged to teach more than 2000 students so far who are growing at an accelerated rate.


Getting his wisdom can be a turning point in your trading journey.

are you ready


  1. Are you unable to get consistent results in the Stock Market?


  1. You have tried various strategies in the past and not made money but instead lost it?


  1. Are you looking for a fail-proof strategy that will give you the desired results?


  1. You want to make a good start with your trading journey and make your every effort count by following the right track


  1. You want to avoid any doubts and confusion and have a straightaway blueprint of trading action to take


  1. You want to avoid the traps of fake gurus who snatch your money claiming to teach you trading and give nothing valuable in return



Mahesh kaamath



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